Take Control of Diabetes in 28 Days

With HealthViber's Diabetes Wellness Plan

Don’t Give Diabetes a Chance

More than 10% of US adults have diabetes. It is a serious condition that can lead to several health hazards like heart disease, kidney failure, limb necrosis and amputation, and Alzheimer’s disease.

It may also cost you well over 5 digits a year in medical bills and medication.

Both the health issues and the costs can be greatly reduced by simply paying attention to your eating habits, and keeping track of your blood sugar levels.

All You Need is To Follow Our 28 Days Diabetes Wellness Plan!

After you feel the changes, you will stop craving bad foods and drinks, and will start craving healthier habits!


Craving for Health in 28 Days

How does it work?

After extensive research and analysis of the eating habits of over 1.5 million healthy adults, scientists have found the best way to manage Diabetes (and stick to it).

And the best part? It’s absolutely delicious, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods without compromising your health – as long as you follow the plan.

Unlike other diets and programs, where you fall back into unhealthy habits when the program ends, with HealthViber Diabetes Wellness Plan you will crave a healthier life as each day goes by!

This lifestyle is encouraged by major scientific organizations as the safest, easiest, and most pleasurable way of preventing and keeping tabs on Diabetes through nutrition.

This Wellness Plan will provide you with daily tips and affirmations, plus three amazing recipes every day to get you fully adjusted to this hearty lifestyle.

Paired with fun exercises you enjoy, it will also help you achieve a healthier weight and a happier life!

Last but not least, other Diabetes plans fail because they push a one-size-fits-all solution. At HealthViber, we provide emotional and group support and create a tailor-made plan just for YOU.

What You Get

Your HealthViber 12-Week Transformation is tailored to your needs, and includes:


Fun Exercise Routines


Tasty Foods You Enjoy


Reduced Medicine Needs


Chat Support


Wireless Blood Glucose Meter


HealthViber Mobile App


Community Support

Easy and Affordable

Only $2 per day, with daily recipes & tips to keep you on track

Save Money With Medical Bills

Healthy people need less medication and spend less time in the hospital

Lower Insurance Fees

Many insurance companies offer reduced premiums for healthy customers

More Energy and Joy

You’ll feel motivated to walk or cycle for short trips - and even save transportation money!

Improved Self-Esteem

You'll feel better about yourself and your future!

Live Your Best Life

Diabetes doesn't mean suffering - much the opposite! You can live a rich, happy, healthy life by following our Wellness Plan.

Simplified Care

Get everything you need for your daily care in one place!

Delicious Meals

Effortlessly make healthy, pleasurable, and delicious meals and snacks

Digital Platform

Keep tabs on all your vitals in one place - the HealthViber App, across all devices!

Peer Support

Talk to other people and stay motivated by shared struggles and wins

Changing by yourself isn’t easy. But with help and a good plan, it isn’t hard!

You won’t be doing this alone. We’ll help you stay motivated and guide you each step of the way.

From grocery lists to meal prepping, and fun exercise routines… we’ll be here for you.

Become your best self and keep your blood sugar at bay with HealthViber’s Diabetes Wellness Plan!

You’ll sleep better, feel better, look better… and live a healthier, happier life!

Isn’t that worth way more than $1 a day?

Start your HealthViber 28 Days Diabetes Wellness Plan today!

Start your
HealthViber 28 Days
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Per month

What do I get?

  • iGlucose Blood Sugar Meter
  • Innotech Smart Scale
  • Water Bottle & Protein Shaker
  • Measuring Tape
  • Exercise Band
  • Digital Platform & App
  • Daily Recipes You'll Love
  • Community Support
  • Scientific Method