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About Our Founder
John Mwesigwa
Founder and CEO

About Our Founder

“John Mwesigwa” Received a Doctor of Medicine
from Saint Matthew’s School of Medicine in the Cayman Islands

For nearly two decades, John Mwesigwa has worked extensively with various public health, medical and community organizations across Illinois to deliver life-saving diagnostic services and information to at-risk and vulnerable persons. As a member of the American Diabetes Association and the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists, John knows that customized preventative strategies help promote both healthy individuals and vital communities.

In 2019, John established Diabetes Care Solution as a direct response to the crisis of inadequate healthcare and health education impacting underserved communities. John is pleased to provide practical, accessible wellness support for Chicago’s uninsured AND underinsured. Diabetes Care Solution empowers and uplifts those served by providing them with resources and tools to take control of their health and quality of life.

Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (DCES)

Certificate Program (CPDCES001)