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Control Prediabetes in 12 Weeks

Recover Your Health with our Prediabetes Wellness Plan

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Prediabetes Wellness Plan

1 out of every 3 Americans suffers from a condition known as prediabetes.  It’s a silent disease that can evolve into Type 2 Diabetes wich can cause health issues like heart disease, kidney disease, nerve damage, necrosis, and limb amputation, among others.

We don’t want that to happen, do we? So, if you’re overweight and you’re having trouble staying in shape…

You’re not alone. We can help you! It doesn’t have to be hard.

Let’s boost your health in just 12 weeks with a safe & easy method!

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Get healthy and stay healthy using our Prediabetes Wellness Plan
Prediabetes Wellness Plan

How does it work?

HealthViber’s Prediabetes Wellness Plan is NOT like other diets or exercise programs.

You know the type – where you put the weight back on as soon as the program ends.

HealthViber helps you transform your lifestyle. Permanently, and easily.

It’s not a miracle diet. It’s a safe and smooth lifestyle-changing process.

You will have a dedicated coach guiding you through the 12-week program. You’ll learn about nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle choices – tailored to YOUR personal needs.

No bland, tasteless food. No counting calories. No boring repetitions in the gym. You’ll prepare delicious meals you love to eat. And enjoy your favorite exercise.

The Diabetes Care Solution 12-Week Prediabetes Wellness Plan uses proven techniques, developed by specialists, and CDC-approved.

It’s effective, easy to follow, safe, and definitive. All you need to do is follow it.

Other diets and workout plans fail because they push a one-size-fits-all solution.

With HealthViber, you’ll get a tailor-made plan that suits YOUR needs.

What You'll Get

Your Diabetes Care Solution 12-Week Prediabetes Wellness Plan is tailored to your needs, and includes:


Fun Exercise Routines


Tasty Foods You Enjoy


Dedicated Coach


Reduced Medicine Needs


Diabetes Care Solution's Mobile App


Community Support

Diabetes Wellness Plan

100% Affordable

Only $1 Per Day
– less than a takeaway coffee

Save Money With Medical Bills

Healthy people need less medication, and spend less time in the hospital

More Energy and Joy

You’ll feel motivated to walk or cycle for short trips - and even save transportation money!

Lower Insurance Fees

Many insurance companies offer reduced premiums for healthy customers

Biggest Self-Esteem

You'll feel better about yourself and your future!

Prediabetes Wellness Plan - Hypertension Wellness Plan

Become Your Best Self

Feel always refreshed, energized & motivated!

Manage Your Prediabetes Easily With our Prediabetes Wellness Plan

Changing by yourself isn’t easy. But with help and a good plan, it isn’t hard!

You won’t be doing this alone. We’ll help you stay motivated and guide you each step of the way.

From grocery lists to meal prepping, and fun exercise routines… we’ll be here for you.

Become your best self and keep prediabetes at bay with Diabetes Care Solution’s Prediabetes Wellness Plan!

You’ll sleep better, feel better, look better… and live a healthier, happier life!

Isn’t that worth way more than $1 a day?

Start your
Diabetes Care Solution 12–Week
Transformation today!

Per month

What Do I Get?

  • Smart Scale
  • Digital Platform and App
  • Printed Guide
  • Protein Shaker & Water Bottle
  • Exercise Band
  • Tasty Recipes You'll Love
  • Community Support
Get Healthy, Stay Healthy - Start TODAY!