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HealthViber is a provider of Diabetes Self-Management Education & Support (DSMES) services. Our certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed for effective diabetes management.

We offer personalized DSMES plans, virtual participation, and expert guidance, ensuring you receive comprehensive support for effective diabetes self-management.

DCES are highly qualified health professionals, experts in diabetes and self-management education, forming a crucial part of your healthcare team.

At diagnosis, annually, when goals aren’t met, during new challenges, or with changes in healthcare or life stages. Regular consultations ensure effective diabetes management.

DCES visits involve understanding your unique needs, developing a personalized plan, and addressing barriers to effective diabetes management through education and support.

Ask your healthcare provider for a referral to a DCES. Most insurance plans require a referral to an accredited DSMES program.

Yes, Medicare and most private insurance plans cover DSMES. Coverage details may vary, but DSMES is generally reimbursable for the first ten hours of the program.

DSMES provides lower future health risks, reducing complications, and improving overall well-being. It offers individualized support for healthier lifestyle choices.

We offer individualized support, virtual participation, and recognized health benefits covered by insurance, ensuring a personalized and accessible approach to diabetes self-management.

Our entirely virtual DSMES program uses secure telehealth visits, delivering education and support directly to your home for added convenience.

Yes, our DSMES program is designed for individuals with a clinical diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, providing tailored support for effective management.

No, DSMES is beneficial at all stages of diabetes. Regular consultations ensure ongoing support, helping you navigate evolving challenges effectively.

Through a comprehensive assessment, we understand your health, learning level, lifestyle practices, and psychosocial adjustment, creating a tailored plan to suit your preferences.

Yes, our virtual DSMES program allows you to participate from the comfort of your home, ensuring accessibility without compromising on the quality of care.

Your DCES will help you develop problem-solving and coping skills, providing strategies to overcome challenges effectively as part of your ongoing support.

Our program includes addressing emotional responses and support systems, ensuring a holistic approach to diabetes self-management, including psychosocial well-being.

Yes, consulting with a DCES during transitions ensures that your diabetes management plan adapts to changes effectively, providing continuous support.

Visit our website, assess your eligibility, request a referral from your healthcare provider, check your insurance coverage, and experience the convenience of virtual participation.

Diabetes is complex, and everyday management can be daunting. You might be asking yourself:

• What is diabetes and how does it affect my body?
• How can I control my blood sugar effectively?
• Would being active and maintaining a healthy diet help?
• How do diabetes medications work?
• What foods are best for my lifestyle and budget?
• Which glucose monitoring devices can I use?
• What apps and technology can I use to track my progress?
• How do I cope with health-related stress?

If these questions resonate with you, you’re not alone. Diabetes management requires more than just willpower. It demands knowledge, skills, and ongoing support. We help you develop problem-solving, risk-reduction, and coping skills to overcome any barriers you face in managing your diabetes.

HealthViber is your trusted partner in diabetes self-management. Our Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) program is tailored to meet your unique needs. Our qualified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (DCES) are experts in diabetes management. They form a crucial part of your health care team.

Life changes, and so does diabetes. Regular consultations with a DCES ensure you’re equipped to handle evolving challenges. Research supports the positive impact DCES can have on lowering blood sugar levels and overall health improvement. Knowing when to connect with a DCES is key. We recommend seeking support at four critical times.

1.  At Diagnosis: Get started on the right path from the beginning.
2.  Annually or When Goals Aren’t Met: Regular check-ins to ensure you’re on track.
3.  Faced with New Challenges: Life brings new obstacles, and we’re here to help you overcome them.
4.  Healthcare or Life Changes: Transitions in care or life stages require adjustments in your plan.

Everyone’s diabetes management plan is unique. Our DSMES plans are based on your concerns, needs, and priorities. The process involves collaborative assessment, where you and your DCES work together to understand:

• Health status, including clinical needs and risk factors
• Learning level, from diabetes knowledge to health literacy
• Lifestyle practices, considering cultural influences and personal habits
• Psychosocial adjustment, addressing emotional responses and support systems

This comprehensive assessment forms the foundation for a personalized plan that suits your preferences, integrating education, coping strategies, and behavioral interventions.

Understanding the challenges of in-person visits, our DSMES program is entirely virtual. Secure telehealth visits bring education and support directly to your home, ensuring convenience without compromising quality of care.

Concerned about insurance coverage? Most insurance plans, including Medicare, cover our DSMES program. While coverage details may vary, DSMES is generally reimbursable for the initial ten hours of the program.

Investing in DSMES is an investment in your future health, reducing the risk of complications and improving overall well-being. Insurance companies recognize the health benefits associated with DSMES.

Ready to take control of your diabetes and build a healthier lifestyle? Enrolling in our program is simple:

1.  Review our website to learn more about HealthViber and our services.
2.  Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for referral to our DSMES program. Generally, individuals should be at least 18 years old and have a clinical diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.
3.  Request a referral to HealthViber from your healthcare provider. Most insurance plans require a referral to an accredited DSMES program, ensuring you receive high-quality care in line with national standards.
4.  Check your insurance coverage. While Medicare and most private insurance plans cover DSMES, coverage details may vary. Familiarize yourself with your plan’s coverage to make the most of the DSMES benefits.
5.  Join our virtual DSMES program via secure telehealth visits, allowing you to receive education and support from the comfort of your home.

At HealthViber, we understand the challenges you face. Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and ongoing support needed to manage diabetes effectively. Take the first step toward a healthier, more fulfilling life. Enroll in our DSMES program today!