Don’t Change Your Diet Change Your Life

Are health issues keeping you from the things you love? Are you navigating problems with blood sugar, blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, or cholesterol? You’re not alone. And you don’t have to let poor health have the upper hand!

The bad news? Diets don’t work. The good news? HealthViber is here to show you a better way. Our holistic wellness plans don’t just address what’s on your plate–they help you take control of your health by transforming your entire lifestyle.

Holistic Wellness Plans for Everyone

Get one-on-one coaching, recipes, community support, and expert guidance–all in our convenient APP!

Prediabetes Wellness Plans

Prediabetes affects one-third of adults in the US. Generally, it signals that you will develop type 2 diabetes unless you take action.

Our Prediabetes Wellness Plan is for prediabetics ready to embrace lifestyle rejuvenation and manage–or even reverse–their condition.


Health Measurement Made Easy

Keep track of the major vital signs with easy-to-use wireless scales, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs).

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One-On-One Support Makes All the Difference

Download the HealthViber APP

Diets and willpower fail because they’re missing a critical component–support. With HealthViber, you get expert coaching, daily guidance, essential encouragement, and much more.

Change is hard, but letting illness call the shots is much harder! Let us help you find a holistic wellness plan that gets to the root of your issues and transforms your health from the inside out.