A1CNow Self Check

A1CNow Self Check

Take control of diabetes
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A1CNow Self Check is well-suited for diabetes patients whose doctors recommend they check their A1C four times per year. (This often includes those whose treatment plan has changed, or who are struggling to meet glycemic goals.2 )

  • Administer quarterly A1C tests at home
  • Save time traveling back and forth from in-office visits and lab appointments
  • Save money on the cost per test

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According to a recent study, roughly 60% of people with diabetes struggle to sustain glycemic control over a 3-year period. This puts them at greater risk for developing severe complications like neuropathy, blindness, cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Haemoglobin is a protein component of the red blood cell and carries oxygen around the body.  When haemoglobin joins with glucose it becomes glycated to form glycated haemoglobin A (HbA1c or A1c).  HbA1c or A1c tests can measure the level of glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) in your blood over a period of 8 – 12 weeks, which provides useful information on glucose control.

This measurement can be beneficial in general health checks, directing you to seek appropriate medical advice if needed, or used to check and monitor you if you are diabetic.  A1c Now® SELF CHECK is easy to use, quick, efficient, and accurate measuring HbA1C in 5 minutes from a single drop of blood.

Portable and compact, the device can be used anywhere at any time, you can even measure your A1c levels in the comfort of your own home! There is no need for any special diets or fasting, and all you need to perform the test(s) are provided in the kit.  No additional equipment is needed.

The A1cNow® SELF CHECK embraces new concepts for self-monitoring – there is no need to continuously buy new tests or maintain your device.  Now all you need is the kit – once you have used the four test cartridges the analyser can be discarded!

The A1c Now® SELF CHECK has built-in quality control checks ensuring the device is working at its optimum.  The device has been certified by the National Glycohaemoglobin Standardisation Program which develops standards for A1c tests and is also CE marked.

The A1c Now® SELF CHECK kit contains all the equipment you need to perform 4 HbA1c tests.

Easy and Efficient

  • Displays results in 5 minutes
  • Requires only a small (5 µL) fingerstick blood sample
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Can be stored at room temperature
  • Is small, compact, and battery-powered
  • Is affordable and easy-to-use
  • Comes in a convenient 4-test pack


  • NGSP-certified
  • IFCC-traceable
  • CE-marked for self-test use
  • CLIA-waived



* Do not make any changes to your treatment, lifestyle or diet based on the A1c Now® SELF CHECK without consulting your doctor.  These tests do not replace regular blood glucose monitoring or doctor’s advice/treatment plan.

PLEASE NOTE – This test involves the use of the safety lancet device to withdraw blood from your finger. Please ensure the person being tested is seated during the blood withdrawal process.

In vitro use only

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